Have you ever read a series and wondered, when is this going to end?! Or what about a standalone that made you cry because it was a standalone? WELL that’s what happened to me while I was finishing up A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred Basically this story is about Corey, a young girl who has […]


This is a post I’ve been meaning to write since a while ago but never really got around to finishing because my memory is so bad but since today is Fanfiction Appreciation Day I thought, what better timing? Basically we’re going to go on a trip to my younger years, how I encountered fanfiction and where […]


Hey guys! So I wasn’t going to write this post because I didn’t think it was necessary but then I thought I probably should so people don’t completely abandon me LOL New Content These past few days I’ve been posting some reviews on books with more than 10 words per page with little to no […]


Today I decided to share one of my favorite shoujo manga that makes me laugh like a maniac. As if I didn’t do enough of that already… Skip Beat! is a 38 volume (and ongoing) shoujo manga by Yoshiki Nakamura that is licensed by VIZ media. It follows the life of Kyoko Mogami, a sixteen year old girl […]


If you know me, I’m a big fan of yaoi but recently I’ve been meaning to check out something different and a yuri/romance filled manga title seemed to fit the bill.Whispered Words is a nine-volume series by Takashi Ikeda and was published in a three-volume English translation by One Peace Books. I’ll be talking about […]


Growing up in a very Catholic background, the notion of an afterlife has always been present in my mind. Many people say that just being baptized will grant you a place in God’s realm while others claim that if you reject Him, you automatically go to Hell. Personally, I’m not a religious person but the afterlife […]


As I was reading through blogs this morning I stumbled upon this challenge via Hopeful Reads and the premise really sounded interesting so I thought, why not? The challenge is being hosted by Read at Midnight and for the full challenge details check out this post! It was pretty tough trying to figure out what […]


When handling money does anyone ever think of where it came from? Did your mom have this bill tucked away in a saving account until you happened to ask for it? Did the man buying the coffee have to dig through his glove compartment to find that crumpled dollar? Or did this woman’s three year […]


I really REALLY wanted to keep the yaoi away from this list because I wanted to use them for the yaoi challenge I want to do afterwards but I’m just not really passionate about couples outside of BL so I caved…


I think it was yesterday or two days ago when I tweeted that I shipped Keith and Lance from Voltron even though I hadn’t watched much of Voltron (I’m on episode 2 now). Then that turned into a short conversation between Mark and I, where he told me to back off of Shiro. Don’t worry […]

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